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  1. 2019 Winter Baseball Registration
  2. Greenway Giants Senior Baseball Presentation Evening – April 6th
  3. 2019 AGM – April 1st
  4. 2018/2019 Greenway Giants Junior Presentations
  5. 2018/2019 Season Registration is now open

Pacific Coast Baseball League Inc.


To provide an environment for the participation in the game of BASEBALL. To operate an evenly graded senior participant baseball competition. To manage and support the best league and competition administration possible.


To ensure wide participation of all in the game of BASEBALL. To ensure that a safe and enjoyable playing environment is made available to all participants. To work closely with clubs and councils to ensure that the conditions of the game are always at its best, maximum suitability and minimum risk to all participants and public.

Values & Ideals

Whereas: We believe that Clubs are the most integral part of a baseball community; and

Whereas: We believe that the sport should be available to all senior participants; and

Whereas: We support every endeavor to ensure training and developments is always available from recognized and approved sources; and

Whereas: We believe that participation in the sport of baseball should be under the most of safety and minimal risk conditions; and

Whereas: We will provide rules and regulations to provide controls, checks and balances with the aim to providing an unbiased and efficient environment for clubs and players to participate in baseball: and

Whereas: We will promote good and socially acceptable behavior on and off the playing field for all participants.

Therefore: We will strongly encourage and support all measures aimed towards the pursuit of a safe, risk free, enjoyable and even participation for all affiliated Clubs and registered players.

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