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Saturday Roster


Junior Team (Canteen & Setup)

Senior Team (BBQ)

21st Oct   A1 Woods
28th Oct   G1 Evans
4th Nov   Db1 Baker
11th Nov   B2 Hawkes
18th Nov   F1 Simons
25th Nov   Db2 Weekley
2nd Dec   A1 Woods
9th Dec   F2 Smith
16th Dec   C1 Carasso
3rd Feb   F1 Simons
10th Feb   C1 Misfits
17th Feb   B2 Hawkes
24th Feb   F2 Ninnes
3rd Mar   Db1 Baker


Canteen and Ground Duty

Here is further information to help you organise your teams. You’ll need to have four parents down at Greenway for grounds set-up at 7am, could you please provide Joe Nati ( with the names of the parents who will be carrying out this duty. One parent will be required in the canteen per shift throughout the day, you will need to work out the shifts and advise parents of their time slots. A brief run-down of what is required is as follows:  

Canteen Duties

Each junior team will help the canteen manager (Bella or Nat) throughout the morning, from opening at 7:30am to close at the conclusion of the last game (approx 1:00pm). The team Manager should nominate the volunteers who will assist the Canteen Manager throughout the day, ideally they should not include the family of the Coach(es) or Manager. Duties include:

  • Assist Canteen Manager in setting up canteen.
  • Bring out Canteen furniture, BBQ etc
  • Bring out notice boards & lost property box in front of the facilities building
  • Providing good customer service to encourage patrons to the canteen.
  • Assist the Canteen Manager in clean-up/pack away of the canteen, furniture etc. (Senior teams are rostered to look after the BBQ)


Grounds Duties

The same team rostered for Canteen duties on a particular Saturday will, under the guidance and supervision of a member of the Grounds Committee:

  • Arrive at 7:00 am to assist with readying the grounds for competition
  • Assist with laying down chalk lines on diamonds 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Erect sponsor’s banners/flags
  • Take wheelbarrows of equipment and set up each diamond required for games that morning.
  • Distribute garbage bins to diamonds and canteen area
  • Set up back nets, bases, benches & shelters for smaller temporary diamonds

Packing up of diamonds, including bins, is the responsibility of the last team to play on the diamond. Please let me know if there are any problems, Alison Baker

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