Greenway Goss – Edition #1

Welcome Giants!

This is the first of our regular Greenway Giants newsletter that will be sent to the Greenway Community on a monthly basis, we also have an online version here.  The aim of this newsletter is to provide you with insight to what is happening across the club and to generate an open channel of communication.

The COVID restrictions have had an unprecedented level of impact on our typical ways of living and this impact has extended to restricting the winter and representative baseball seasons.  The SWBL and PCBL winter seasons have been cancelled and the junior representative programs postponed.  Acknowledging though that the restrictions should ease in the coming months, as a Committee we are setting plans to ensure we have a run into the Summer Season.  These plans include a shortened seniors pre-season competition and spring training for our junior club (refer to the Dates for Your Diary below and the Club Calendar).

Your Greenway Committee

Your Greenway Committee has been announced and we still have a couple of roles to fill, so if you are keen to come on board, we’d love to have you. Please contact Brooke at

Executive Committee

President: Brooke Ninnes (
Vice President: David Ninnes (
Treasurer: Chris Ehlers (
Secretary: Matt Kelman (

General Committee

Seniors Co-ordinator: Currently Vacant
Juniors Co-ordinators: Ainslee & Steve Coyle (
Head Coach: Steven Turley (
Registrar: Currently Vacant
Women’s Co-ordinator: Peter Neads (
Social 7’s Co-ordinator: Ainslee Coyle (
SWBL Co-ordinator: Joe Nati (
Grounds Co-ordinator: David Ninnes (
Umpire Co-ordinator: Conor Fitzpatrick (
Scoring Co-ordinator: Amy Kelman (
Equipment Manager: Chris Muffett (
Uniforms Manager: Amy Kelman (
Canteen Manager: Ainslee Coyle (
Communications: Stuart Coggins (
Sponsorship Coordinator: Helen Coggins (
Events: Currently Vacant
Photos/Trophies: Currently Vacant
Member Protection Officer (MPO): Russ Weekley (


Nationals and the World Cup have been postponed due to COVID-19.  The girls can’t wait to get back on the field at Greenway soon.


PCBL are looking to launch an abridged winter program that would entail 7-8 rounds.  The format of the season would be a series of round-robin games of 4-6 teams of similar skill level starting in mid-July.  

An alternative program we are considering, given our strength in the finals of 2019/20, is to coordinate a champions league at Greenway.  The aim would be for the 7 teams to have qualified for Grand Finals (D-G grade), to compete against one another across 6 weeks.  The team leading the competition at the end of the 6 weeks will be recognised as the Champion of Champions.  This program is subject to a number of plans coalescing including insurance, ground availability and umpire coordination.  

Summer season will start for PCBL 5th-6th September and team registrations by 13th August.  Masters league will start on 7th September.


2019/20 was a successful season and 2020/21 presents another opportunity to strengthen our preeminent position. This season, we are to coordinate spring training one night a week with our head coach Steve Turley.  This program is designed for players aged 7 -13 and to cater for all different skills levels.  

Little Giants

Recognising the grass roots of our club, we aim to extend the strength of our Little Giants program in 2020/21.  This amazing program is designed for t-ball players aged from 3-6.


Greenway Park has benefited from less traffic and our grounds team including Life Member Terry Chang and new-comer Ryan Fury have been working alongside Hornsby Council to maintain the diamonds. This maintenance includes re-establishing the cut-outs and fertilising the diamonds.
This maintenance includes re-establishing the cut-outs and fertilising the diamonds.  Additionally, we have applied to Hornsby Council for pest spraying of the dug-outs, repair to the roof at Canteen area, signage placements at Diamonds and batting cages and numerous other improvements. 

Electrical repairs have been made good by Council and Pete Thomson around the Grounds. Members of your committee along with Terry Chang were also on hand to do a well needed clean out of the batting cages and maintenance to the netting.  Look out for a new tiered bench seat (designed and built by Mark Kelly) and bag hanging racks soon.

The new Clubhouse is due to land at the beginning of July with this facility bringing much excitement to the Community, we are looking forward to seeing how we can use it.


Hornsby Council are supportive of us putting an oven in the canteen and Ainslee Coyle, our Canteen Manager, looks to continue the quality of our canteen fare in 2020/21.  The range of fare includes chilli dogs, homemade sausage rolls, nachos and a smorgasbord of fine nosh.  A key to the success of the canteen will be a roster of volunteers to help Ainslee across the Friday nights and Saturday home game schedule. 


We are also looking for Sponsorship for this upcoming season.  We realise that it might not be the perfect time, but we also know this is an important element to the success of our club. 

If you know anyone who might like to help, please contact Helen Coggins


In the past couple of weeks, your Club Committee asked for your feedback to make our Club stronger.  Overwhelmingly the themes of continuing communication and getting to know people across the Club were key elements.
In 2019/20, Stu Coggins [Coggsy] re-built our website to be a more user-friendly site where you can get relevant information quickly.

We plan to complement our website with our newsletter.  Check out the links below to stay up to date.

We also look to raise the profile of people within our club and to provide a way in which people within the club can share their skills, trades and businesses.  We have a wide member base and we know that in times like these, we can play a role in connecting people.

The Committee recognises that the 2019/20 season ended abruptly amidst the COVID ‘pause’.  We plan to coordinate a Seniors presentation night and a trivia night later in the season.
Further detail of the events will be publicised as and when restrictions permit.

Dates for your Diary

Be sure to check the Calendar to keep up to date

  • Try Days [27th June, 5th July, 19th July, 2nd August] 
  • Spring training [July/August 2020]
  • Grading [TBC]
  • Working Bee [late August 2020 TBC]
  • Seniors 2019/20 Presentation night [TBC]
  • Registrations open for Summer Season [TBC]
  • Team registrations close for PCBL [13th August]
  • Season start PCBL [5th September TBC]
  • Women’s competition start [TBC]
  • RHBL season start [11th/12th September TBC]
  • Greenies [2-5th October]
  • Giants Trivia night [TBC]

*TBC is due to COVID-19 impacts