We all know the importance of having a well organised, athletic Catcher on the team, yet as Coaches, we tend to spend less time with our Catchers than any other position.

On a recent scour of the internet, I came across this useful progression of drills for teaching Catchers, from Coach Xan Barksdale of the University of Louisville in the USA.

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Please apply common sense in using the following drills, as some may not be necessary for particular age groups.

Receiving the Ball

Note that the Catcher is using the “no runners on” stance, and the emphasis is on a quiet body and sure hands.

Retrieving and Making Plays on a Pass Ball

Blocking a Wild Pitch

Note that the Catcher in these drills is in the “Runners On” position (thighs close to parallel to the ground), and fist in behind the mitt.

Making Plays at Home Plate

Fielding Bunts and Making a Play on a Dropped Third Strike