Code of Conduct

All members of the Club would be aware that one of our objectives is for our Club to be highly regarded by the Baseball Leagues and Softball Associations in which we play and in the community in general.

To this end, the following summarises the Club’s “Code of Behaviour” for all Players, Coaches, Managers and Supporters.

  • All games should be conducted in a sportsmanlike and competitive manner.
  • All coaches, managers, and team officials are to extend positive and courteous behaviour to all other players, opposition coaches, managers and umpires.
  • All players are to be fully dressed in the Club uniform at all times, including Club cap, red undershirt if being worn, plus red and white striker socks or gaiters. All shirts must be tucked in, and coaches are requested to enforce this.
  • Spectators are encouraged to support their teams but to ensure that comments are only of a positive nature.
  • Utmost regard should be had for the safety of all players, officials and spectators.
  • Any coach or player who has a comment to make regarding a player or coach or supporter from an opposing team, should direct such comments through the umpire and/or opposition coach, not directly to the party concerned.
  • In the case of senior players, socialising after the game is often part of the sport, however there should be no consumption of alcohol or smoking during the course of the game or within the vicinity of the playing diamond. Please remove your esky to an area well clear of dugouts and the scorers area.